Having an accurate, certified appraisal of your jewellery only makes sense. Don't wait until it's too late. Bring your jewellery to Nash Jewellers for a quick, computer-assisted appraisal. You get two copies with a digital photo of your piece with full descriptions of stones, shapes, sizes, metal quality, etc. All appraisals are done by our Certified Gemologist Appraiser, one of only a couple dozen in Canada.

An appraisal is necessary:

  • to obtain insurance against accidental loss or theft
  • loss of gemstones from rings, bracelets and necklaces, etc. damage from everyday use
  • confirm the value of new pieces
  • determine the appreciated value of present jewellery or heirlooms
  • obtain a Jewellery Certificate showing proof of jewellery residence to avoid delays at customs
  • Build a library of the goods that you own with images, details and values in case of a loss

Before paying your next insurance premium, make sure to protect yourself.

Ask your agent "Will I be free to use my jeweller to replace my stolen jewellery?"

Since you pay the premium, you should have freedom of choice. But not all insurance companies play by the same rules. Some try to limit your choice by having "arrangements" with jewellers of their choosing. It is not that unusual to see kickbacks and "discounts".

Ask your agent ahead of time:

Insurance premiums are paid on appraised value, and appraised value should reflect the selling price. If your insurance company wants to short change you on the replacement price (e.g. 30%), insure your jewellery at that lower amount! Fair is fair!

Your Nash Jewellers Appraisal reflects the price at which we would sell the item to you or to your insurance company. There is no difference. Our prices are consistent, competitive, and fair.

You are within your rights to insist on using your own jeweller, but the potential aggravation with some companies is significant. Check it out ahead of time, before you re-insure.

We recommend you look into having your jewellery insurance handled through Jewelers Mutual in Canada as this is what they specialize in. Accidents happen and your pieces need to be protected

Insurance offers peace of mind: we'll work with you to ensure your satisfaction.


$85 per piece.

$135 for Rolex appraisals.

* We are asking for approximately 7 - 10 days to have these completed.