Bridal Sets at Nash Jewellers

What Are Bridal Sets?

Your engagement ring and wedding band are two rings that will likely hold great sentimental and monetary value for you as they symbolize your everlasting commitment to your partner. For this reason, you want to take great care when selecting the rings you will be wearing for years to come. Bridal sets - sets of engagement rings and wedding bands specifically designed to be worn together - are a phenomenal option for those looking for a cohesive pair of rings. Nash Jewellers is happy to offer many bridal set styles to satisfy myriad aesthetic preferences.

Why Buy Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Together

Finding an engagement ring and wedding band that pair together well can be difficult. There is a huge variety of rings in regard to style and silhouette. Bridal sets make this easy. Many bridal jewellery designers craft exquisite sets of perfectly cohesive rings with repeating design elements, identical finishes, and more characteristics that create harmony and ease of wear. Some jewellers and designers may even offer a discount to those that buy their rings in a pair. You can also find bridal sets featuring a nesting wedding band, which is perfectly curved to make room for the engagement ring's centre stone.

Find Your Dream Rings From These Designers

Purchasing an engagement ring and wedding band by the same designer, especially pieces from the same collection, will ensure cohesion and balance. It is our honour to provide several rings by designer Noam Carver, known for supreme craftsmanship and attention to detail. Wedding bands from the brand's Stackables collection are delicate and designed to complement almost every piece in their engagement ring collections. We also offer sets from Simon G., one of the most reputable names in bridal jewellery. Sets from the Delicate collection feature thin bands and large centre stones, while Passion sets are designed to make a bold statement.

Shop Bridal Sets at Nash Jewellers

We at Nash Jewellers would be pleased to play a part in your unique love story by helping you to find the engagement ring and wedding to symbolize your commitment for the rest of your life together. Our London, Ontario jewellery store houses a truly incredible assortment of designer bridal sets to appeal to every taste. We have staffed our showroom with knowledgeable and amiable personnel who would be happy to assist you in choosing perfectly complementary rings. Request an appointment to meet with one of our staff members for a personalized consultation or browse our inventory online.