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Grow Your Diamonds


Grow Your Diamonds

Business was pretty slow in the early 1930s during the depression, so John A. Nash, founder of Nash Jewellers, got creative.

He encouraged people to start “growing their diamonds”. He encouraged them to buy only what they could easily afford when getting engaged and guaranteed them full trade at a later date. So long as they doubled up, he allowed full trade on the original purchase.

This is a tradition we continue to carry on today. Buy well within your means today, and grow your diamonds when you have the ability to do so later!

Some of our customers keep their original diamond for sentimental reasons; possibly using it as a shoulder stone or putting it into a pendant, and others literally trade up until they get the size they truly desire.

The program works with earrings as well! You buy a small pair when you are getting started and keep trading up until you are happy. Your trade-ins go to our estate department and everyone wins.

De Beers Forevermark


Beautiful, Rare and Responsibly Sourced

Nash Jewellers is proud to be a part of the De Beers Forevermark story. As a 4th-generation family business with over 101 years’ experience, we pride ourselves on providing the ultimate jewellery experience for our clients in the greater London, Ontario area. The partnership with De Beers Forevermark, the diamond brand from De Beers Group, and Nash gels perfectly together with Trust, Integrity, and Experience being at our core.

The Forevermark Engagement & Commitment Collection

Like the vows you make to each other, your engagement ring should represent the promise of forever too. The Forevermark Engagement & Commitment Collection was designed to be the unique symbol of your love with diamonds that are beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. Select from an array of new engagement ring designs in unique diamond shapes, sparkling precious metals, and individual styles for a look that is unique to you.
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The Forevermark Tribute™ Collection

Make a statement in layered and stacked multiple diamond jewelry from the Forevermark Tribute™ Collection. Mix and match to create a look that shows off your personal style. With a single diamond or many diamonds in one ring, personalize a ring stack by mixing metals and styles to create a totally unique look.
Design Your Look

Forevermark Classic Diamond Jewelry

De Beers Forevermark diamonds represent the promise of forever, no matter the occasion. Giving the gift of Forevermark Classic Diamond Jewelry is a gift that will be passed through the generations.
Find The Perfect Gift

The Exceptional Diamond Collection

Beyond rare, there is only unique. De Beers Forevermark is built on the promise that each diamond must be beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. The Exceptional Diamond Collection represents the pinnacle of that promise, containing some of the most exquisite diamonds in the world.
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The Black Label Collection

For light lovers only - the Black Label Collection cuts each diamond with such perfect symmetry that showcase a sparkle like no other diamond.
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Our Unique Inscription

Less than 1% of the world’s diamond are worthy of the De Beers Forevermark inscription – the symbol of the De Beers Forevermark promise of beauty, rarity and responsible sourcing. The inscription, which includes the De Beers Forevermark icon and a unique identification number, can only be seen under 50 times magnification. The inscription allows each De Beers Forevermark diamond to be registered in your name, confirming it as uniquely yours.

Beyond the 4Cs

Every diamond has its own unique story to tell. In De Beers Forevermark’s constant pursuit of absolute beauty, every De Beers Forevermark diamond undergoes a journey of rigorous selection, looking beyond the 4Cs, in search of only those diamonds that meet the strictest standards for quality and beauty.

Responsibly Sourced

De Beers Forevermark diamonds are responsibly sourced, ensuring that each diamond can be given or worn with pride. The diamonds come from mines that not only comply with strict political, financial, social and environmental requirements, but also benefit the communities in which they are operating. It is a commitment we make to you, to ourselves, and to every part of the world our brand touches.

A Diamond Is Forever

A diamond brand from The De Beers Group, which has a history of diamond expertise spanning more than 130 years, De Beers Forevermark is committed to the unwavering and passionate pursuit of the world’s most beautiful diamonds, brought to you with integrity.
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