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About FOPE

Nash Jewellers is thrilled to introduce the incredible world of FOPE jewellery to our discerning clientele. With a rich history dating back to 1929, FOPE has become synonymous with Italian elegance and innovation. What sets FOPE apart in the realm of fine jewellery is their unrivalled craftsmanship and comfort. Each piece is thoroughly crafted in Vicenza, Italy, blending time-honoured goldsmithing techniques with modern design sensibilities. This fusion of innovation, quality, and pure beauty makes FOPE a renowned brand. At Nash Jewellers, we are proud to offer this outstanding collection, allowing you to experience the luxury and artistry that FOPE embodies.

Popular FOPE Jewellery

FOPE bracelets are the model of extravagance and comfort in the world of fine jewellery. Their distinctive cable knit stretch precious metal bracelets have become an iconic signature of the brand. Crafted with particular attention to detail, these bracelets tastefully combine the timeless beauty of precious metals with innovative technology. What sets FOPE apart is the Flex'it technology, an ingenious creation by FOPE, that allows these bracelets to adapt and stretch, providing a custom fit for every wrist. This level of comfort, combined with the luxurious appeal of gold and precious metals, ensures that FOPE bracelets add easy elegance to any look.

Elevate your jewellery collection with FOPE rings and necklaces featuring signature cable link designs. Rings with diamond or gemstone-studded cable link patterns offer a twist on traditional styles. For necklaces, explore the opulence of collar necklaces with intricate cable link motifs, making a bold statement with their elaborate design. Alternatively, indulge in the universal charm of chain necklaces decorated with sparkling diamonds, available in both yellow gold and white gold variations. For those seeking a fusion of styles, mixed metal tone necklaces combine the warmth of yellow gold with the coolness of white gold.

Shop FOPE at Nash Jewellers

We warmly invite you to embark on a journey of luxury and elegance as you explore the realm of FOPE jewellery at Nash Jewellers, your trusted London, Ontario jewellery store. We are proud to offer the phenomenal craftsmanship and innovation that FOPE is renowned for. Our collection showcases FOPE's signature cable link designs, providing a harmonious blend of comfort and style. Additionally, our expert jewellery repair services are available to keep your beloved FOPE pieces in immaculate condition. Schedule an appointment with us today, and let Nash Jewellers be your gateway to the world of FOPE, where traditional beauty meets modern sophistication.