Planning A Romantic Holiday Proposal

November 15th, 2021

The holidays are an inherently sentimental and family-oriented time, which makes it an ideal season for popping the big question. Our knowledgeable staff at Nash Jewellers has some tips and ideas on how to plan ahead so that you can fully enjoy the romantic moment with your partner!

Good Lighting Goes A Long Way

If you?re going to have a photographer at your proposal, you?ll want to make sure the lighting is just right. Pick an area that is well lit. If you are proposing during the day, try to avoid busy shadows or bright spots that will make your partner squint. At night, you?ll want to make sure there is plenty of artificial light via candles or fairy lights. Your partner will appreciate the effort you put in to make sure the photos came out well!

A Cozy Proposal

Proposing during the holidays comes with a few challenges, one of these being the weather. You?ll want to revel in this moment, so make sure the atmosphere is one that is comfortable. Pick a cozy spot by a fire or, if you?re going out to see the lights, have your partner bundle up to stay plenty warm! Make sure that both of you are able to focus fully on the conversation at hand.

Take A Walk In A Winter Wonderland

A gorgeous, glistening snowfall is an ideal backdrop for your holiday proposal. Wear your best snow attire and take a stroll through a park you both love. Maybe build a snowman beforehand and put the ring on his stick hand! The bright white snow will provide lovely contrast and lighting in your proposal photos and your partner will likely have a lovely flush on their smiling cheeks.

Advent Calendar Surprise

An advent calendar is a Christmastime staple, so they won?t suspect a thing when you gift them with one of these! For each day, give your partner something small and meaningful to them, whether it?s their favourite pampering products, a sweet treat, or something that reminds them of a memory you share. On the last day, they?ll open up their engagement ring!

Christmas Cracker

If Christmas crackers are a tradition in your family, this a great opportunity for a unique, surprise proposal they won?t expect. Fill the cracker with a note, maybe some confetti, and, of course, the ring! Just make sure you tug very gently on your end of the cracker!

Finding the One

Last, but obviously not least, the ring. When picking the ring, you want to draw influence from your partner?s personality and style. This holiday season, find an engagement ring in our beautiful collections from Noam Carver.

Collections by Noam Carver are edgy and modern with a classic influence. You?re sure to find a fitting ring for your partner among this designer?s brilliant pieces. The Floral collection features elegant rings with organic, floral shapes perfect for a romantic holiday proposal. For your trendy partner, the Modern collection has lots of gorgeous designs on the cutting edge of fashion.

Ring Shopping At Nash Jewellers

The mission of Nash Jewellers is to provide customers with the ultimate jewellery experience. We guarantee a professional staff of trustworthy jewellers dedicated to excellence in business, ethics, gemological knowledge, and consumer protection. We?d be more than happy to aid you in finding the perfect engagement ring for your holiday proposal. Visit our website to learn more about our story and to make an appointment to come into our showroom.