Pop the Champagne and Pop the Question! Top 2021 Engagement Ring Trends

January 4th, 2021

You?re ready to propose! Congratulations! The most difficult part of finding romance is now over and the joyful rituals of celebrating a new chapter begin. It?s all smooth sailing from here because we have rounded up the top engagement ring trends predicted for 2021. With a reflection on the past year and a look towards the future, the new year is going to be filled with unexpected details and a move towards a deeper meaning. Get inspired by perusing these engagement ring trends for 2021.

Three Stone | Bold and Bright

Purely put, the three stone engagement ring is for those who want an eye-catching design with a deeper meaning, since the trio of stones represents a love that lasts through yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Let your love shine with a three stone engagement ring.

Many engagement rings are designed with multiple side stones surrounding the center stone, however, the three-stone ring is different in that the two stones flanking the center stone are larger than typical side stones.

A three stone ring by itself ensures brilliance and shine, but what?s more: many three stone rings are designed with heavenly halos and luxurious pave. The three stone ring is enjoying a surge in popularity mostly due to the sweet sentiment it holds.

Responsibly Sourced | Forevermark

In the new year, there is even more of a push for ethical and transparent practices in the bridal industry. Expect responsibly sourced materials to dominate the market, and for good reason. Couples rightfully believe the celebration of their love should not be at the cost of the environment, and many brands are stepping up to the plate. If a socially responsible brand and product appeal to you, but you don?t know where to start, we present Forevermark.

Forevermark ensures that all employees and communities from diamond producing areas benefit from legal, safe, and responsible business practices, including every employee at every part of the supply chain. Every Forevermark diamond is 100% conflict-free. Forevermark complies with the Kimberley Process, an international monitoring system which works to eradicate the trade of conflict diamonds.

Forevermark designs each engagement ring to be beautiful and a symbol of your love. Discover engagement rings with inventive diamond shapes, crafted from beaming metals.

Floral Motif | Unexpected Details

The floral motif is one of the top engagement ring trends for 2021. If your loved one is a wildflower at heart and loves the blooming beauty of springtime, this trend will be the perfect match. Browse the Floral collection from Noam Carver for blooming halos and atypical designs.

Delicate and feminine, this collection includes many designs of traditional floral jewellery, but certain styles also incorporate inventive designs, reimagining petals, vines, and leaves, for a modern take that only hints at their underlying flower power.

Peruse spiraling halos, realistic flower petal prongs, and asymmetrical blooms. Shop this floral halo ring and experience the transfixing design. Exhibiting an elevated gallery and hidden side stones, this engagement ring is more than it appears.

Side Stones | The Trap Cut

Side stones provide yet another way to increase the brilliance of a ring. Side stones can be fancy cut stones—simply a diamond cut that?s not round. In particular, we have seen a new focus on the distinctive trapezoid cut diamond as a top trend in 2021.

Trapezoid cut, or trap cut, diamonds are isosceles shaped. This means two sides are parallel, while the other sides are angled away from each other. Shining brilliantly by themselves, adding these side stones to an engagement ring will accentuate the brilliance of the center stone.

Explore round cut halos and oval cut diamond engagement rings with trapezoid cut accents. This side stone is unique, making its addition appealing to those who love rare designs.

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