Introduction to Watch Terms

An accurate and luxurious timepiece is a staple for anyone’s wardrobe. However, shopping for a new watch can often bring up a plethora of new watch terms to know. Contemporary watches have a long and riveting history with many developments to get to the watch we all know today. Some of these advancements have focused on the inner workings that keep the watch moving, called the movement, or caliber. These are either fully mechanical, such as with the hand-wound and the automatic models, or they can be battery powered as with the quartz movement. Of course, there’s far more to a watch than just the movement.

Popular Watch Terms to Know

A watch’s movement is a marvel of engineering, so it only makes sense to protect it. This is done by the “case” or body of the watch and has either an opening to access the movement or an exhibition back that allows a view of the movement. Aside from or atop the case sits the crown, which is a small knob that can be used to adjust the time or keep the watch wound in hand-wound models. The most visible part of the watch is the face also called the dial, where the numerals and the hands display the current time. The dial is protected by beveled glass or synthetic sapphire called the crystal.

Many designer watch brands include complications, which are additional useful features that extend the watch’s utility beyond simple timekeeping. The chronograph, or stopwatch, is always a popular option available on many watch models that can be activated by toggles. Other complications can include rotating bezels that contain additional scales of time, (popular on diving watches,) calendars, and moon phase indicators. Apertures are tiny windows on the watch face where additional data is viewed like day/date. There’s also the option for a skeleton watch, which is a transparent face that lets the movement of the watch be seen through the front.

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