Engagement Ring Setting Guide

Now that you have found your one true love it’s time to begin the search for the perfect forever ring. The engagement ring is the pinnacle of a proposal, so it’s important you take your time and know what to look for. In order to discover a ring that will take her breath away, designers offer engagement ring settings in a variety of styles. Depending on what your partner loves, you will want to consider an engagement ring setting that fits within their personal style.

Solitaire Rings

A timeless classic, the solitaire engagement ring is one of the most favoured styles. Consisting of only two parts—the diamond and the band—the solitaire is ideal for showing off a brilliant center stone. This minimalistic ring is anything but simple. Though traditionally featuring an unadorned metal band, designers have begun to add hidden details for a pleasant surprise. Intricate metalwork, additional diamond detailing, and cathedral settings are all refreshing takes on this popular classic.

Side Stone Rings

The side stone setting is a great way to add dimension to an engagement ring. Smaller stones decorate the shank to compliment the center stone and draw the eyes towards it. To further customize the ring, diamonds can be set with a prong, pavé, or channel technique. Choose from diamonds and other precious stones in a multitude of shapes and sizes to create a side stone ring that will reflect her personal style.

Halo Rings

For those who prefer the look of a larger center stone with maximum sparkle, consider selecting a halo engagement ring. This setting features a silhouette where the center diamond is surrounded by a ring of smaller diamonds or gemstones. Not only does the halo give the illusion of a larger diamond, but it also softens the edges of more rigid cuts, like the pear-shaped or marquise cut. Increasing in popularity, halo engagement settings can be found in trendy design elements, such as the hidden halo, floral halos, and geometric halos. 

Three Stone Rings

If you want an engagement ring with a special meaning, a three stone ring is the ideal choice, with each stone symbolizing the “past, present, and future” of a relationship. The three stone ring is characterized by a trio of stones at the center, which is why it is sometimes referred to as a trilogy ring. When customizing this ring, there are unlimited options. Create a dynamic and bold style using stones that differ in size, colour, or shape, or consider a cohesive approach with a set of matching stones.